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Poll of the Week: Budget Priorities

September 16, 2011, 11:40 am | Posted by Casey Schoeneberger

A new Bloomberg News National poll this week disputes GOP rhetoric that American voters are strongly opposed to tax increases on the wealthy. A majority of respondents (51%) said that supercommitee members tasked with reducing the deficit should focus on increasing taxes on those earning more than $250,000, instead of cutting programs like Medicaid.

Among a list of deficit reduction options provided, poll respondents most highly favored (64%) reducing Social Security benefits for high-income earners while least favoring (21%) Medicaid cuts harming low-income people.

Additionally, respondents strongly believe that “unemployment and jobs are the nation’s top concern, cited by 46 percent of Americans, ranking ahead of the combination of the deficit and government spending at 30 percent.”

H/T Igor Volsky, Think Progress

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