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People of Faith Stand Up for Health Care

January 19, 2011, 5:23 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

In anticipation of the House’s vote to repeal health care reform today, a coalition of over 150 groups America held a rally and press conference announcing their opposition to Congressional Republican leaders’ efforts to repeal health care reform.

People of faith were well-represented in the coalition, with members of Catholics United, Faithful Reform in Health Care, PICO National Network, and Faithful America joining.

The Catholic Health Association, whose tireless work for healthcare reform earned their president, Sr. Carol Keehan recognition as “Person of the Year” by National Catholic Reporter, was featured prominently. CHA Senior Vice President Mike Rogers spoke at the event and outlined the case against repeal.

Lamenting that “rather than working on implementing the valuable provisions of the law, we find ourselves defending it,” he went on to remind those in attendance of the moral imperative for keeping health care reform in place:

“For CHA and our over 2000 members, health care coverage for everyone, especially for the poor and the vulnerable in our society is a moral priority. It builds on the foundation of the common good. When individuals and families go without health care coverage it’s an affront to their human dignity.”

The message is clear: those who have worked hard for decades to ensure that all Americans have quality, affordable health care are not going to sit on the sidelines while opponents try to play political games with this issue and repeal the important benefits now being enjoyed by millions of Americans.

Today’s repeal vote in the House was largely symbolic, but the activism and commitment of the faith community was very real and will persist until the long-term effort to dismantle or de-fund reform is defeated.

Watch Mike Rogers’s full statement below:

3 Responses to “People of Faith Stand Up for Health Care”

  1. Chris Taus says:

    We pay a lot of taxes to have new House Republicans put on a futile political show instead of working to modify a bill already passed (if modification is needed).

    The functioning of Congress costs money, as driving one’s car burns gas.

    Paying for the health insurance of congressional representatives while they “work” costs money.

    Let politicians pay for their own advertisements.

  2. Chris Taus says:

    Majority of citizens against it, 26 states more than half, have joined suit to stop it, HR will vote to repeal. Reid won’t even let it be discussed and for sure not voted on in Senate and Obama says he will veto the repeal, if it did come to him. There is that democrat liberal vision of democracy in action. KInda reminds you of something that would go on in Russia, Cuba, or Venezuala doesn’t it. And yet our corrupt, inept, incompetent president is lecturing the President of China on participative government. Democrat liberal hypocrisy in action.

  3. Nick says:

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the comment. Actually a majority of citizens don’t support repeal. Some polls show a plurality that do, but polls that ask more specific questions find a significant portion of those feel the law didn’t go far enough. Others didn’t support passage of the law, but want to give it a chance.

    And I disagree with your assessment that a law that was a central piece of a winning presidential campaign, was passed by a majority of democratically elected House members, a super-majority of Senators, and signed by that President is anti-democratic.

    And the Presidential veto is a constitutional principle. I don’t know that the Senate refusing to spend time on a bill the President has assured he would veto is a big deal. The only point would be to waste precious floor time in order to make a political point to the President. In my estimation they have better things to work on.