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Paul Ryan Needs New Reading Material

May 25, 2011, 4:01 pm | Posted by Beth Dahlman

bibles.jpgPaul Ryan is a huge Ayn Rand fan. He credits her with inspiring him to become a politician. He said she did a “fantastic” job explaining “the morality of individualism” and, it seems, she inspired his budget proposal, which guts key programs that help struggling families (Rand believed everybody should fend for themselves – altruism is actually “evil” in her philosophy.)

Puzzlingly, Ryan is actually defending his budget in terms of his Roman Catholic faith – even trying to claim the Catholic bishops support his plan to take away assistance to poor children and the elderly when they have, in fact, criticized it.

Ryan’s claims just don’t hold water. As Rand herself pointed out many times, her worldview is entirely at odds with Christianity and all other faiths that teach concern for others.

Since Ryan clearly needs to brush up on his theology, Faithful America isĀ asking Ryan to put down Ayn Rand and pick up the Bible. For every 1,000 petition signatures we collect we’ll hand-deliver one Bible to Ryan’s DC office and maybe toss in a Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church for good measure.

Ryan is entitled to his own political philosophy and theology, but he’s not entitled to pass off Randian, cruel budget cuts as examples of Christian charity without somebody calling him on the contradiction.

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