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Paul Ryan Fails Moral Budget Test

March 19, 2012, 1:04 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

Steve Benen has a viewing guide for Paul Ryan’s new video fear-mongering about the coming “debt crisis” to justify gutting destroy the safety net:

First, there is no debt crisis. The United States can easily borrow as much as it needs at low interest rates, suggesting there’s nothing even close to a debt crisis. This is a fig leaf the right is using to rationalize draconian cut to domestic priorities, which they’ve long wanted to make anyway.

Second, if Paul Ryan and his allies were seriously panicked about reducing the deficit in a hurry to prevent a “crisis,” they’d consider modest tax increases on the wealthy. Indeed, we know exactly what’s driving the national debt, and much of it has to do with tax cuts the rich didn’t need and the country couldn’t afford. When Ryan acknowledges this, he’ll start to have some credibility on the issue.

Ryan describes policymakers’ failure to endorse his view as “immoral.” That’s interesting. Judging the morality of budgets is something America’s faith leaders have some expertise in too.

Here’s what the Circle of Protection, a coalition of America’s prominent Christian leaders — including  the U.S. Catholic Bishops — had to say last year about the morality of budgets like Paul Ryan’s that slash spending on the poor to pay for tax giveaways for the rich:

Budgets are moral documents, and how we reduce future deficits are historic and defining moral choices. As Christian leaders, we urge Congress and the administration to give moral priority to programs that protect the life and dignity of poor and vulnerable people in these difficult times, our broken economy, and our wounded world. It is the vocation and obligation of the church to speak and act on behalf of those Jesus called “the least of these.” This is our calling, and we will strive to be faithful in carrying out this mission.

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