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Organizing for Workers’ Rights in Ohio

May 31, 2011, 12:37 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

Ohio pastor Troy Jackson has a great piece up at God’s Politics today explaining his involvement in a new organizing campaign to mobilize people of faith in the state against SB-5, the anti-workers’ rights law passed by state Republicans earlier this year:

While working conditions and the economic system were different when the books of the Bible were written, there is a consistent theme in scripture that suggests that people without a voice are vulnerable to exploitation. Consistently God raised up people to raise their voices with workers. God raised up Moses (and Aaron) to provide a voice for the Hebrew slaves in Egypt. God raised up prophets to call kings to account for how they treated marginalized working people in Israel and Judah. And when workers are in jeopardy of losing their voices, many of us in Ohio believe we too ought to lift our voices with them to overturn Senate Bill 5.

To this end, I’m part of a coalition of clergy urging the people of Ohio to sign a petition to put Senate Bill 5 on the November ballot, where the voters will have a chance to enact a “Citizen’s Veto” and overturn this legislation that threatens the rights of public service workers. On Friday, June 3, clergy will be staging press events in and around Ohio to communicate that we are in solidarity with public workers.

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