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ONE-derful news from New Hampshire

August 10, 2007, 2:38 pm | Posted by Beth Dahlman

The ONE Campaign just released some exciting polling numbers on the values of New Hampshire voters coming into the 2008 elections. The bottom line: Democrats and Republicans support candidates who make fighting poverty a priority.

The full polling memo can be found here.

Especially interesting is the values language that resonated with voters across the political spectrum:

Democrats and Republicans agree that America has a moral obligation as a compassionate nation to help the world’s poorest people through foreign assistance. More than nine in ten Democrats (93%) and 84% of Republicans agree that when millions of children around the world are dying from preventable diseases and hunger, we have a moral obligation to do what we can to help. Similarly, Democrats (90%) and Republicans (85%) agree that it is in keeping with the country’s values and our history of compassion to lead an effort to solve some of the most serious problems facing the world’s poorest people.

This is more evidence of a trend FPL has been tracking for some time: the “values voter” isn’t necessarily the anti-abortion anti-gay marriage activist we heard so much about in 2004, but someone who is concerned about “compassion issues” such as poverty.

Organizations like ONE Vote will be working hard to make sure these issues–and creative approaches to addressing them– take center stage in campaign 2008. Clearly, the citizens of New Hampshire are willing to speak out on this issue; lets all hope that the candidates listen.

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