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OH Faith Leaders Stand with Workers, will Vote ‘No’ on Issue 2

August 31, 2011, 3:48 pm | Posted by Beau Underwood

A group of faith leaders from We Believe Ohio offered a loud and clear witness today: being faithful entails working for justice; justice requires treating workers fairly. These religious leaders came together to voice their opposition to Issue 2, a referendum on the November ballot whose defeat would repeal controversial anti-worker legislation ending collective bargaining rights for teachers, police officers, and firefighters.

In addition to religious teachings around justice, the diverse group of faith leaders also highlighted the importance of protecting human dignity and offered a confession for their own past failures to stand with workers fighting for good wages, safer working conditions, and fair benefits.

Rev. Tim Ahrens, pastor of First Congregational Church in Columbus and a leader with We Believe, opened the event by saying:

We believe there is an unjust and growing gap between rich and poor and a daily disintegration of the middle class. We also believe that the organized initiatives are underway in Ohio and many states to further destroy labor and organized workers are wrong.

Similar to attacks on working families in other states, the campaign to deprive workers of their rights pits conservative ideologues and special interests against a broad coalition advocating for the common good of all Ohioans. Back in May, FPL conducted a poll showing faith voters strongly opposing SB 5, the legislation Issue 2 would repeal. Now, the faith community is actively organizing around defeating Issue 2 and ensuring middle class families are protected from the economic harm this law would inflict on them.

See the full press release about today’s event here.

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