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Abortion and health care reform: the facts matter

June 9, 2009, 10:25 am | Posted by Dan Nejfelt

The Family Research Council has already demonstrated a disinclination to participate constructively in the healthcare debate, and they recently unveiled a new line of attack – that “Obamacare” will include full federal funding of abortion.

Whether or not you believe healthcare reform should include federal funding for abortion, the fact is that in its current form it doesn’t. Federal funding for abortion would require repeal of the Hyde Amendment– which bars the use of federal funds for abortion procedures— and regardless of which party has been in power, Congress has not attempted to do this.

The recently released health care reform draft is a hefty 600+ document (which we admit we haven’t read all of!), but there seems to be no sign of any change to the Hyde Amendment status quo. Since their fears seem unfounded, we’re left to wonder whether FRC is more interested in derailing reform than having an honest debate.

UPDATE: FRC continues to spread misinformation in another of their Washington Updates, failing to provide any citation for their claim that “‘reproductive health care’ is going to be included, which means Americans will be directly funding abortion for the first time in over three decades!”

If you search the health care bill document, you’ll find no incidences whatsoever of the phrase “reproductive health care.” Once again, FRC seems to be playing fast-and-loose with the facts.

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