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Not the Onion

October 6, 2010, 2:15 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

Kyle at Right-Wing Watch finds this amazing gem from the reliably offensive mouth of Bryan Fischer about the free-market fire department (that let a family’s house burn to the ground because they were late paying their “subscription fee”):

The fire department did the right and Christian thing….In this case, critics of the fire department are confused both about right and wrong and about Christianity. And it is because they have fallen prey to a weakened, feminized version of Christianity that is only about softer virtues such as compassion and not in any part about the muscular Christian virtues of individual responsibility and accountability.

The absurdity of this claim should be self-evident to anyone who’s heard of the Bible. But Fischer isn’t someone to let Christian truth get in the way of extreme political ideology:

If I somehow think the right thing to do is not the Christian thing to do, then I am either confused about what is right or confused about Christianity, or both.


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