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Ministering to the Undocumented

January 6, 2012, 12:36 pm | Posted by Kristin Ford

A powerful piece in the Los Angeles Times last week tells the story of Riverside Heights Baptist Church in Tallahassee, Alabama, that welcomed Hispanic immigrants into their church, only to see their ministry jeopardized and their members leave town when the state passed a harsh anti-immigrant law

An accompanying video features the church’s Deacon Steven Schmitt, who summed up the issue with humanity and thoughtfulness:

“I don’t think that anybody who just wants to come to the United States should be given a free pass and a free opportunity.  At the same time though, we need to deal humanely and compassionately with people who are here and want to stay.

If you hate them, if you have dislike for them, have you walked in their shoes?  If you have, are they that much different than yours?  For family, peace, and a way of life that’s conducive to bettering yourself and your children.”

The story and the video provide a moving example of churches living out their faith by welcoming and ministering to their community.  Check them out here.

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