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Local pastors call on Senators to make quality healthcare affordable

June 30, 2009, 9:43 am | Posted by Dan Nejfelt

Starting today, a coalition of local religious leaders and national faith groups including FPL, PICO, Faithful America, Sojourners and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good is running Christian radio ads in Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Nebraska and North Carolina calling on specific Senators to support reform that extends quality, affordable health care choices to all Americans. Timed to coincide with the Independence Day Recess, the ads ground the call for reform in Scripture (Isaiah) and call for action in a spirit of love and courage. (Ad scripts and audio are available here.)

The ads are a key part of a greater pro-reform effort that includes meetings with legislators, such as a public meeting 400 Denver-area faith leaders are having with Sen. Bennett this week; distribution of congregational resources, such as a pastor’s guide for talking about health care that will reach over 4,000 congregations; and a sign-on letter endorsed by over 600 clergy who have agreed to engage their congregations in the health care reform debate.

For me, the most inspiring part of this effort has been working with pastors in places like Nebraska, where premiums have increased 3 times as fast as income in recent years and Colorado, where the recession has hit hard and premiums went up nearly 5 times as fast as income from 2000-2007. These leaders see firsthand in their congregations and their service to their communities that our broken system has severe human consequences. They articulate the moral dimension of health care reform uniquely and and powerfully. It’s humbling to listen to their witness, rooted in faith, service, courage and love. I hope the senators who hold health care reform in their hands will be similarly moved.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Thanks for the audio links.

    Dave Belden wrote about this conference, too, in his blog post “Prophetic Voices in the Health Care Wars” on Tikkun Daily: