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LA County Sheriff Rebukes Rep. King’s Claims

February 8, 2011, 11:54 am | Posted by Nick Sementelli

Rep. Peter King’s central justification for his hearings on “Muslim radicalization” has been the claim that American Muslims aren’t cooperating with counter-terrorism efforts. Despite the statistical evidence to the contrary, King maintains that he’s only relaying the complaints he hears from law enforcement professionals.

While King keeps the details of these complaints private, others who speak up publicly often have something different to say.

Yesterday, at a panel organized by the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Los Angeles County sheriff Lee Baca commented directly on the upcoming hearings (via Ben Smith):

“If he has evidence of non-cooperation, he should bring it forward…We have as much cooperation as we are capable of acquiring through public trust relationships.”

“I sit on the Major City chiefs association as one of three chairs,” said Baca. “I also sit on the Major County Sheriff’s Association and I’m on the national board of directors of the international association for the sheriffs departments. Here’s the thing: I don’t know what Mr. King is hearing or who he’s hearing it from.”

“Muslim Americans in the county of Los Angeles have been overwhelmingly astounded by terrorist attacks — like everyone else — and overwhelmingly concerned about a non-repeat performance of that kind – and are willing to get involved and help,” said Baca.

These comments echo others by various national security experts who work directly on this issue. Hopefully their opinions will be included in King’s hearings as well.

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