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Health Care and Moral Responsibilities

July 20, 2009, 5:27 pm | Posted by Beth Dahlman

Yesterday, at the National Press Club, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele answered (and asked) some questions about health care reform.

During the discussion, Steele was asked if he thought it was “morally acceptable for 30-40 million Americans to be without health insurance” and he answered “I don’t know if that’s a consideration for politicians versus a pastor”

Well, we know a few pastors who’ve been answering that question.

Most of us in the faith community think it’s a question for pastors and politicians…and everyone else.

People of faith from across ideological lines have joined together to say it is morally unacceptable for so many Americans to be unable to access quality health care and the remedy to this problem will certainly involve the government working together with communities and congregations.

The multitude of robust advocacy efforts pushing for comprehensive health care reform are a testament to the depth of the faith community’s commitment to this issue.

For now, we’ll give Steele a pass for missing our ads, after all, they didn’t run in his area. The national faith demonstration for health care reform, however, was a short distance from Steele’s office at RNC headquarters.

In any event, should Mr. Steele wish to learn more about what pastors think about health care reform, we’d be happy to connect him with some clergy we know are eager to talk about our shared moral responsibility to reform the health care system.

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