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Gov. Brownback’s “Tweak” Kicks Thousands of Kansas Kids Off Food Stamps

February 1, 2012, 12:41 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

Gov. Sam BrownbackA recent change in Kansas’s food stamp eligibility guidelines by Governor Sam Brownback’s administration has kicked thousands of children off the rolls and left their families scrambling to put food on the table — an interesting policy decision for a leader who claims reducing child poverty is his top goal. These children’s disqualifying offense? Being born in America to undocumented parents.

By law, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), a federally funded but state-run program, is prevented from providing benefits to non-citizens, but their U.S.-born children can qualify if their household income falls below 130 percent of the federal poverty line.

The Department of Agriculture (which oversees SNAP) gives states a choice between two different sets of eligibility metrics. Kansas is already one of only four states to use the tighter standard, but in the last few months they have restricted eligibility even more for households including undocumented individuals — a “tweak” that abruptly rescinded the crucial assistance for more than 2,000 Kansas kids.

The administration’s pitiful defense was that they were just fixing a glitch in the system in pursuit of fairness and equality, but as the Kansas City Star editorialized this week, this justification is “misleading and shamefully lacking.” If the Brownback administration’s only goal is to rectify an administrative problem, they could surely do it without kicking vulnerable kids to the curb.

Hiding behind bureaucratic double-speak to excuse the real harm you’ve just caused for thousands of your most vulnerable citizens is as cowardly as it is cruel.

One Response to “Gov. Brownback’s “Tweak” Kicks Thousands of Kansas Kids Off Food Stamps”

  1. Kansas Citizen says:

    This, unfortunately, has hit citizen families, too. Children still in High School but turning 18 no longer qualify as household members when determining eligability. And this wonderful governor has also removed from the budget money given to “TLC for CHILDREN AND FAMILIES”…a foster care program that ran an emergency shelter for abused children. Because of that loss, the emergency shelter was forced to close. Whenever there are budget cuts, its always the programs that are most needed by the citizens that are cut. But I bet the salaries and all the little perks enjoyed by the lawmakers have probably increased. Don’t get me wrong…democrats are no better. They’re all asses.