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FPL News Reel: October 27, 2011

October 27, 2011, 11:34 am | Posted by Casey Schoeneberger

The FPL News Reel is a daily round-up of the top faith and politics stories in the news. You can sign up for the email version of the News Reel here and follow it on twitter at @FPLNewsreel

Clergy petition Village Voice to drop ads linked to sex trafficking

By Adelle Banks — Religion News Service

Three dozen religious leaders have signed an ad calling on Village Voice Media to remove an adult section of its BackPage.com that they and others claim is a conduit for child sex trafficking.

The Vatican meets the Wall Street occupiers

By E.J. Dionne Jr. — Washington Post, Opinion

Will we soon see a distinguished-looking older man in long, white robes walking among the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in New York’s Zuccotti Park? Is Pope Benedict XVI joining the protest movement?

Faith Groups Target Super Committee

By Joseph Kuhn — Religion News Service

The Faithful Budget Campaign is also targeting the home districts of members of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, as the Super Committee is officially known.

Democrats’ First Offer: Up to $3 Trillion for Debt

By Robert Pear and Jennifer Steinhauer — New York Times

The Democratic plan would trim much more, a total of $2.5 trillion to $3 trillion, through cuts in the growth of federal entitlement programs, including Medicare, and more than $1 trillion in new tax revenues.

Rep. Ryan hits back at Catholic class warfare question

By Eric Marrapodi — CNN, Belief Blog

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, waded into a bit of economic theology Wednesday. The staunch Catholic…was asked about the collision of his faith in finance and his faith in the church.

So Much for the Nativists

By New York Times, Editorial

Here’s a Capitol riddle for you: Representative Lamar Smith, one of the most reflexively anti-immigrant hard-liners in Congress, is sponsoring a bill to flood the agriculture sector with up to half-a-million visas for guest workers.

Moment of Conception

By Pema Levy — American Prospect

On November 8…Mississippi voters are expected to approve Amendment 26. The measure would establish the personhood of the fetus from the beginning of biological life and outlaw all abortions without exception.

Crony Capitalism Comes Home

By Nicholas D. Kristof — New York Times, Opinion

…yes, we face a threat to our capitalist system. But it’s not coming from…Occupy Wall Street protests. Rather, it comes from pinstriped apologists for a financial system that glides along without enough of the discipline of failure…


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