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FPL News Reel: February 14, 2012

February 14, 2012, 1:59 pm | Posted by Casey Schoeneberger

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Why I Wish Catholic Leaders Would Stop Saying Our Church Is Under Attack
By Tara McGuinness — New Republic, Opinion
…if this is really a war against religion, maybe it’s time to ask the people of faith who are supposedly under attack. People like me.

How Obama Set a Contraception Trap for the Right
By Andrew Sullivan — Newsweek, Opinion
This could be the moment when the culture-war tide finally turns and the social wedge issues long deployed so effectively by the Republican right begin to come back and bite them.

Medicaid reforms need not undermine vital services
By David Saperstein and William Daroff — Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Opinion
Leading Jewish organizations have made it a priority to fight to protect the services and benefits that individuals with disabilities and their families receive under the Medicaid program.

Racial reconciliation 2012
By David Gushee — Associated Baptist Press
The racially divided Protestant South of so many centuries, in which we sang many of the same hymns and worshipped the same Jesus in segregated churches, is experimenting here with an unprecedented (re)union.

Faith Leaders to Pres. Hopefuls: Don’t Bring Immigration Rhetoric to Tenn.
By Ethicsdaily.com
Dozens of Tennessee faith leaders urged Republican presidential candidates to keep the bitter rhetoric on immigration out of the Volunteer State.

Fear of Deportation Kept L.A. School’s Parents From Reporting Sex Abuse
By Jorge Rivas — Colorlines
Two teachers have been charged with multiple counts of lewd conduct against several students at Miramonte Elementary—a school in South Los Angeles who’s student body is made up of 98% Latinos and 2% black students. Lawyers say at least three alleged victims have not been interviewed by law enforcement because their parents fear deportation.

Education Justice
By Bob Faw — PBS, Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly
What we’re doing here we’re doing within a Christian context. We believe in God’s word as revealed in Scripture, and that faith informs how you think about students. It informs your efficacy. It informs your belief that every child can learn.

The Red Balloon of Social Justice: Wisconsin One Year Later
By Phil Haslanger — Sojourners, God’s Politics
It was on Valentine’s Day just a year ago that a few hundred University of Wisconsin-Madison students carried heart-shaped balloons and “valentines” for Gov. Scott Walker that said, “Please don’t break our hearts.”

Washington Becomes Seventh State to Legalize Gay Marriage
By Tracy Simmons — Religion News Service
Opponents, however, are determined to overturn the measure by collecting enough signatures to send it to the ballot box. If they collect more than 120,000 names…the law will be put on hold until the November election.

Speaking out for same-sex marriage law, black minister stands apart
By Miranda S. Spivack — Washington Post
[Rev. Delman] Coates… testified with Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley during a contentious hearing in Annapolis in support of a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. Coates is among few African American preachers in Maryland who support the bill…


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