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FPL Daily News Reel: May 31, 2012

May 31, 2012, 12:00 pm | Posted by Casey Schoeneberger

The FPL News Reel is a daily round-up of the top faith and politics stories in the news. You can sign up for the email version of the News Reel here, subscribe to the RSS feed here, and follow it on twitter at @FPLNewsreel.

The Bishops and Religious Liberty
By Peter Steinfels — Commonweal
Threats to religious freedom have been a constant in American history. So have alarmist religious appeals that stir public hysteria, serve partisan ends, and degrade religion and politics alike

Nuns’ fight with Vatican highlights Catholicism’s global struggle
By Eric Marrapodi — CNN
It’s a fight that pits church men and against church women, and it could have broader implications for the global church.

Down With Religion?
By Charles M. Blow — New York Times, Campaign Stops
A March poll by the Pew Research Center, released at the end of a particularly fanatical Republican nominating process during which religious extremism took center stage, recorded a bit of a backlash against religion.

Wisconsin reaches for the last resort
By E.J. Dionne Jr. — Washington Post, Opinion
Walker is being challenged not because he pursued conservative policies but because Wisconsin has become the most glaring example of a new and genuinely alarming approach to politics on the right. It seeks to use incumbency to alter the rules and tilt the legal and electoral playing field decisively toward the interests of those in power.

AG Eric Holder, black church leaders mull voter law changes
By Adelle Banks — Religion News Service
Attorney General Eric Holder and other legal experts strategized with black religious leaders on Wednesday (May 30) about new restrictive state voting laws that could affect their congregants by reducing early voting and requiring identification.

Students Press for Action on Immigration
By Julia Preston — New York Times
The young people are among the most visible activists in a growing immigrant movement. Their push to focus pressure on the White House reflects deep frustration with Congress for its lack of action on the legislation and with the administration for continuing to deport illegal immigrant students, although Mr. Obama says he supports them.

Facts of life
By Amy Frykholm — Christian Century
…the wars over sex education are far from over. The announcement last summer that New York City will require sex education was met with an uproar from religious and political groups that want to keep it out of the schools entirely.

Southern Baptist heavyweight Richard Land in the fight of his life
By Bob Smietana — USA Today
Now Land’s future is in doubt amid an investigation over his remarks about the Trayvon Martin shooting and for alleged plagiarism.


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