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FPL Daily News Reel: May 10, 2012

May 10, 2012, 1:52 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

The FPL News Reel is a daily round-up of the top faith and politics stories in the news. You can sign up for the email version of the News Reel here, subscribe to the RSS feed here, and follow it on twitter at @FPLNewsreel.

The Poor Should Not Bear the Burden of a Deficit They Didn’t Cause
By John Gehring — US News and World Report, Debate Club
We should not pit national security against economic security. An effective military and a responsive government that doesn’t turn its back on vulnerable families are both achievable if we move beyond false choices.

Group collects 23,000 signatures calling for Jenky to apologize
By Pam Adams — Peoria Journal-Star
Faithful America, an online religious community focused on social justice issues, is the latest group to ask Peoria Bishop Daniel Jenky to apologize for remarks…connecting President Barack Obama’s policies to some of the world’s most nefarious dictators.

President Obama Cites ‘Winds of Change’ in Same-Sex Marriage Shift
By Robin Roberts, Devin Dwyer and Rick Klein — ABC News, Good Morning America
As for his personal evolution on the issue, Obama cited New York state, which approved gay marriage in June 2011, as an example of how compromise could be reached with religious groups, many of which oppose same-sex unions.

Will gay marriage force Romney on to culture war footing?
By Greg Sargent — Washington Post, The Plum Line
The papers are filled with articles gaming out whether Obama’s big announcement yesterday puts him at political risk, but the other question is this: Will it force Mitt Romney on to a culture war footing when he’d rather be talking about the economy?

CNN Hosts Hate Group Leader To Explain Obama’s Gay Marriage Support
By David Badash — The New Civil Rights Movement
CNN has again tapped Tony Perkins, the head of the Family Research Council, to explain to the public President Barack Obama‘s evolution on same-sex marriage. CNN is available in over 100 million U.S. homes. The Family Research Council is a certified anti-gay hate group.

Mourdock Republicans, embracing dangerous austerity
By E.J. Dionne Jr. — Washington Post, Opinion
Lugar was regularly described in the course of his reelection campaign as a “moderate.” But he is not a moderate, and never has been. He is a conservative who happens to be civil. Lugar earned a lifetime rating of 77 percent from the American Conservative Union. If being more than three-quarters to the right puts you in the “middle” of the political spectrum, it’s a very skewed measure.

One in six voters still think Obama’s a Muslim: Why?
By Lauren Markoe — Religion News Service
While Americans across the board get the president’s religion wrong, the religious group that most often thinks Obama is Muslim is white evangelical Protestants (24 percent). American unaffiliated with a religious group make the error least often: just 7 percent identify Obama as Muslim.

Anti-Sharia rally set in Lansing
By Oralandar Brand-Williams — Detroit News
Its sponsor, Michigan Rep. Dave Agema (R-Grandville), said the bill is aimed at barring the implementation of foreign laws. While the law does not mention Sharia or Islamic law, local Muslim activists and others say the bill is aimed at Muslims.

Kansas protestors rally against ‘Religious Freedom Act’
By Adam Strunk — Wichita Eagle
Those gathered in front of the Capitol, however, cited language within the bill that would allow renters, business owners and citizens to deny services to those who violate their religious tenets.


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