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FPL Daily News Reel: June 1, 2012

June 1, 2012, 2:33 pm | Posted by Casey Schoeneberger

The FPL News Reel is a daily round-up of the top faith and politics stories in the news. You can sign up for the email version of the News Reel here, subscribe to the RSS feed here, and follow it on twitter at @FPLNewsreel.

Do the Bishops Have a Case Against Obama?
By Gary Gutting — New York Times, Opinionator
We cannot, of course, be certain about the bishops’ motives in overdramatizing what should be a routine disagreement.

Contraception? Gay Marriage? Abortion? GOP holds fire on culture wars aims at jobs, economy
By Laurie Kellman — Associated Press
…with Mitt Romney all but crowned as their presidential nominee, social issues generally are losers for the party at a time when the GOP is trying to appeal to swing voters.

Two hundred gather in Oakland to show support for sisters
By Monica Clarke — National Catholic Reporter
All were bound together by respect for the women religious who had touched their lives and for the sisters who are active in various works of social justice.

Occupy Buffalo Helps Convince City Council To Divest From JPMorgan Chase After Trading Loss
By Harry Bradford — Huffington Post
JPMorgan’s $2 billion trading loss was bound to have big consequences but few could have guessed the fallout would reach all the way to the Buffalo Sewer Authority.

Hundreds from across state protest immigration law
By Kym Klass — Montgomery Advertiser
Hundreds gathered at the state Capitol grounds in protest of last week’s passage and signing of HB 658, the latest version of Alabama’s immigration law.

Mosque construction continues to attract opposition across U.S.
By Judy Keen — Religion News Service
In the decade since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, animosity toward Muslims sometimes has taken the form of opposition to construction of mosques and other Islamic facilities. National debate erupted over plans for an Islamic community center that became known as the “Ground Zero mosque” in Lower Manhattan.


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