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Faith leaders debate healthcare reform

June 19, 2009, 2:38 pm | Posted by kkroger

On Lou Dobbs this week, Tony Perkins from Family Research Council (FRC) continued to distort the discussion about health care reform. In response, Jim Wallis of Sojourners set the record straight, highlighting how health care is indeed a moral issue, especially given that millions of working families are not covered.

Perkins stated he was “fearful of what will happen if we go to a one size government health care program.” Wallis was quick to point out that such a program is not being proposed by Congress or the President. The President has always been clear about his parameters for reform, one of which is ensuring that all Americans can maintain their current health insurance if they wish. Preserving choice is a vital part of the proposed legislation, and yet Perkins continues to repeat the erroneous Republican talking point about so-called socialized health care. We can’t say we’re surprised… this isn’t the first time he’s confused the facts in the health care debate

Perkins understands that our health care system isn’t working, but he continues to use scare tactics and false information to derail attempts to make health care affordable and accessible. Last month we helped launch a health care campaign on the airwaves, calling for quality health care choices that are affordable for every American family. FRC responded by attacking our nonpartisan and faith-based campaign as being “an anti-faith, anti-family anti-freedom agenda.” We beg to differ– an agenda to make sure all Americans can get the care they need is both pro-faith and pro-family, especially when you consider that thousands of families are struggling to cope without adequate health insurance.

This video clip shows that groups like FRC are going to continue to fight meaningful health care reform tooth and nail. We have a long fight ahead. As efforts for reform continue through the summer, chip in to help us fund the next round of ads calling for reform that makes quality health care truly affordable for all families.

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