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Faith and Congressional Leaders Unite for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

March 29, 2007, 5:27 pm | Posted by FPL

This morning in Washington, Faith in Public Life initiated and organized a press conference featuring national evangelical leaders and leading bi-partisan Senators and Representatives to call for moral comprehensive immigration reform. See below for exclusive video of the event!

Speakers included Rev. Sam Rodriguez, Executive Director of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Dr. Richard Land, President of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Senators Kennedy, Menendez, Graham and Salazar, and Representatives Gutierrez and Flake.

3 Responses to “Faith and Congressional Leaders Unite for Comprehensive Immigration Reform”

  1. Cindy Ginn says:

    I’m sorry but Immigration is no business of the churches in this country, that is why our founding fathers put a separation of church and state in our constitution. Leave the goverment business to the goverment.Also the majority of americans polled do not want any amnesty for illegals.

  2. Lisa P says:

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  3. AnnaD says:

    An immigration reform is rather important, as for me. I can even say that it should be done earlier. Well, illegal immigrants became a problem for the government, though, for some businessmen they seem to be cheap workers. But still, it is the breach of human rights. They are the same people in any case and should be defended. They work for a low salary and have no rights to apply for installment loans.