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Faith Leaders to Limbaugh and Advertisers: Stop the Hate Rhetoric

March 2, 2012, 6:08 pm | Posted by Christopher Hale

Rush LimbaughFriday was a busy day for faith leaders across the country as they stepped up to fight the misinformation put forth by Fox News and the revolting hate rhetoric by Rush Limbaugh against Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke—who testified in favor of the HHS mandate last week.

At Georgetown University—a Jesuit, Catholic university in Washington, DC—President John DeGioia sent a message to the University community condemning Rush Limbaugh’s “misogynistic [and] vitriolic” attacks. In his letter, he lamented how a “respectful [and] sincere” student who provided a “model of civil discourse” during her testimony before Congress could be treated with such “coarseness, anger [and] even hatred” by Limbaugh and others.

He was joined in his criticism of Limbaugh by Faithful America, which has launched a petition asking eHarmony (a Christian dating site) to stop advertising on The Rush Limbaugh Show. The petition states:

Rush Limbaugh is using “religious freedom” as a fig leaf for vile rhetoric about women who use birth control. eHarmony has built its business on Christian customers, and they must stop advertising on Limbaugh’s show immediately.

As of 6:00 PM EST, less than two hours after it went public, the petition has already garnered 5100 signatories.

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  1. Stop criticizing! Not every person can speak well but if the try to do something for people that is a great contribution