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Faith Leaders Respond to Keystone Pipeline Decision

January 19, 2012, 12:51 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

President Obama’s decision yesterday to reject a permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline came as great news for progressives around the country who have been working to stop this dangerous project from getting started.

As we documented last year, people of faith have been a key, visible part of this coalition and were particularly excited about the news.

Sojourners rounded up some reactions from various faith leaders:

Rose Marie Berger, a Sojourners associate editor and organizer for the Tar Sands religious witness, who said:

“President Obama campaigned as a man who understood the crisis of global warming. He told us that he understood that climate change kills the poor first, as we’ve seen recently with the typhoon in the Philippines. Today he’s demonstrated that he can actually take substantive steps in leading America to meet that challenge. He pushed back on “too big to fail” oil and energy companies. He pushed back on foolish partisan bullying. He stood up as the leader that many elected him to be.

“The fight doesn’t end here – because abusive corporations don’t stop just because their permit was denied—but today we know that our president can also be our leader. We look forward to a future of job production that any American will be proud to be involved in—jobs in an industry that is producing clean energy and protects rather than poisons God’s good earth.”

Brian McLaren, Author and Speaker, who said:

“If Jesus were here today, I think he just might say something like, “humanity shall not live by oil alone.” Today, our president showed that there are values above corporate profits. Thanks to him and all who stood up for the common good beyond short-term oil money and towards a clean energy economy with sustainable jobs.”

Read the rest at the God’s Politics blog.

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