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Faith Community Unites Behind Need for Action on HB 56

February 29, 2012, 11:35 am | Posted by Beau Underwood

The faith community’s effort to overturn Alabama’s anti-immigrant HB 56 law continues to pick up steam. Last week, evangelicals met in Alabama to talk about immigration reform that adheres to biblical, human principles, a meeting that has obvious implications for the legislature’s reconsideration of HB 56.

Then, dozens of faith leaders rallied at the state capitol yesterday to pray and lobby for repeal of the law. Rev. Bart Thau, a Methodist pastor who spoke at the event, said:

”We are all children of God, and today I call upon our legislators and I call upon the people of this state who elected them to live up to that higher calling and call for the repeal of a law that brings only hate, fear and separation.”

Faithful Alabamians have sent the legislature a clear message. They oppose the effort to degrade an entire group of people that has had severe economic consequences and troubled the conscience of the nation. They expect their legislators to act in compassionate ways that puts the welfare of the entire state above political calculations and an extreme anti-immigrant ideology.

UPDATE: Small tweak was made to the first sentence for clarity.

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