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Evangelicals Gather in Alabama to Talk about Biblical, Humane Immigration Policy

February 24, 2012, 4:04 pm | Posted by Beau Underwood

Supporters of Alabama’s harsh anti-immigrant law are looking increasingly isolated and extreme. Thousands of Alabamians, including dozens of faith leaders, have rallied in support of repealing the legislation. A Republican Party leader admitted Jesus likely wouldn’t have voted for the law and a report has shown the law’s severe economic consequences.

Yesterday, evangelical leaders gathered in Birmingham at the G92 South Immigration Conference to talk about this issue, emphasizing biblical teachings around immigration and hospitality. The conference’s name itself “is derived from the 92 references in the Old Testament to “ger,” Hebrew for stranger or immigrant.”

Rev. Gabriel Salguero, a pastor and president of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition
spoke at the event, saying:

Because I’m a Christian I believe in comprehensive, common-sense, humane immigration policy…Hospitality is not at the margins of scripture. Jesus wasn’t kidding around when he said, ‘I was a stranger and you welcomed me.’

The implications of Salguero’s remarks are clear. The inhumane, harsh, and inhospitable nature of HB 56 contradicts one of the core messages of the Gospel.

Lawmakers are taking notice of these efforts too. Here’s State Representative Joe Hubbard talking about the importance of faith leaders’ continued advocacy on this issue:


The elected officials in Alabama need to have the courage of their convictions and fix the unnecessary crisis they’ve created.

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