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Evangelical Leaders: Economy Most Important Issue in 2012

January 31, 2012, 3:26 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

Leith AndersonA year-end poll of influential evangelical leaders reveals a broad-based agreement that the economy is the most important political issue facing the country this year.

“The economy is the focus of national debate, so it’s not surprising to see it top the list,” said Leith Anderson, President of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE).  “Our leaders understand that a poor economy negatively interacts with many other issues that evangelicals care about including the growing disparity between the rich and poor, adequate health care, marriage, immigration reform, national security and abortion.”

The poll results are an important reminder to media who frequently and incorrectly describe evangelical Christians as a monolithic group primarily concerned about “culture war” issues. These findings provide more evidence that “values voters” have a much broader moral agenda.

The Evangelical Leaders Survey is a monthly poll of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Evangelicals, which includes prominent evangelicals from the education, publishing, and ministry communities.

Photo: Leith Anderson, NAE

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