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Defending President Obama’s Faith from Political Attacks

February 23, 2012, 12:38 pm | Posted by Lukogho Kasomo

As the presidential race progresses, attacks on the President Obama’s faith have reemerged in the media. Most prominently, Franklin Graham went on MSNBC to perpetuate tired conspiracy theories about the sincerity of the President’s religious beliefs.

In response, Christian leaders from all denominations (including FPL’s own executive director Rev. Jennifer Butler) have come together to speak out against the misuse of faith as a tool for political gain.

Over 100 leaders have signed a letter that calls for the media, public officials and other Christians to dispel misrepresentations of the President’s faith, along with the false notion that the President is waging “war on religion.” It says in part:

This gift of grace should remind Christians to enter the public square with a spirit of humility and respond to all we’ve been given (and forgiven) by serving our neighbor and protecting the vulnerable. That’s how we strengthen our witness. Using faith as a partisan tool weakens it.

See the full text and list of signers here.

10 Responses to “Defending President Obama’s Faith from Political Attacks”

  1. Bettye Bedgood says:

    I am very disappointed that Mr. Billy Graham got involved in this religious attack against Pres Obama. No one here on this earth has the power or authority to judge who is and is not a Christian. This is just more of the right reaching for anything to destroy the Pres. Because of this never seem before HATE they have for him. Any one who is truly “a man of God” would see what’s going on here and would not take part in it.

    • JNagarya says:

      No one on this earth has the authority to judge who is and isn’t a Christian? Excuse me, but being a Christian isn’t simply a declaration of a subjectivism; being a Christian REQUIRES one to obey a set of OBJECTIVE standards, called COMMANDMENTS.

      Those COMMANDMENTS (not “Requests,” or, “Suggestions”) include –

      “Thou shalt not lie against others.”

      Let’s get over the cowardly if-you-won’t-challenge-my-declarations-of-religious-belief, I won’t challenge yours, cowardice. NOTHING is so sacred that it is exempt from critical scrutiny — from which critical scrutiny “religion” has ducked and slid by for far too long.

      When a person who claims to be a Christian acts in ways that are exactly opposite the claim — as established in the objective standards — they — and their claims — are legitimately subject to critical scrutiny, and exposed as being lies when that it is the case.

      It is the RESPONSIBLE thing to do, despite the constant, exaggerated overemphasis on “freedom of religion” when one instead means, “exemption from critical scrutiny”.

  2. Lou says:

    Extreme factions of the religious right have drawn their line in the sand. Now, the sensible and responsible religious leaders are coming forward to add their support to President Obama. There is hardly a question as to who is on the right side of this attempt to polarize the nation.

  3. Janet Ramos says:

    Billy Graham is a fake just like all the rest……What would Jesus think of these so called Christians…he would weep for them and them forgive them…they are a bunch of fear fear fear a holic’s….nothing more

  4. Beverly says:

    For the right to try to put down Pres. Obama by saying he is a muslim when he is not (no offense meant to muslims) and then, themselves, trying to introduce Sharia like laws against women, is the height of hypocracy

  5. Thanks to all who signed. I notice there was only one Baptist listed.

    • Gregory Proctor says:

      Two. As an Epicopalian, I would have assumed that every bishop and priest wold have supported this effort.

  6. JNagarya says:

    Thanks to all who signed. I notice there was only one Baptist listed.

    That being an irony, as it was the Baptists who held their ground in defense of freedom of conscience, and therefore of belief, and “religon,” during the Founding era.

  7. Vicki says:

    It is always good for us to support President Obama against those who continually attack and demonize him. It is a battle of the good against those who use hate and venomous lies.