Guttmacher graph via Mother Jones

January 24, 2012, 10:58 am | Posted by Kristin Ford

Guttmacher graph via Mother Jones


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  1. Bill Samuel says:

    The Guttmacher Institute is an institution of one side with a clear agenda. It is not surprising that it presents what statistics it can find to support its point of view.

    Subregions of the world vary in many factors which might affect the abortion rate. The information presented is not at all adequate to reach a valid conclusion about the role of any one factor.

    More meaningful would be to see trends in similar areas after a change in abortion laws. That might not be fully conclusive, but it could be strongly indicative. The figures I have seen regarding states of the U.S. indicate a greater decline in abortion rates after a state adopts restrictions on abortions.

    I would also note that accurate abortion statistics are often not available. Factors include incomplete reporting of abortions by providers, and the frequent use of estimates of the number of illegal abortions which have no sound basis.

    It does not promote common ground to present statistics which can not prove the point and which are presented by a highly biased source.

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