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Catholic Sisters’ Bold Response to Vatican Crackdown

June 1, 2012, 11:44 am | Posted by John Gehring

LCWRThe Leadership Conference of Women Religious issued a strong response today to the Vatican’s doctrinal crackdown saying in a statement that the assessment was “based on unsubstantiated accusations and the result of a flawed process that lacked transparency.”

The organization, which represents the majority of Catholic sisters in the United States, warned that Vatican sanctions handed down last month were “disproportionate to the concerns raised and could compromise their ability to fulfill their mission.”

The national board of LCWR acknowledged the groundswell of support Catholic sisters have received across the country and expressed concern that the sanctions “caused scandal and pain throughout the church community, and created greater polarization.”

This is a bold response that shows Catholic sisters are not backing down from their social justice mission and remain courageous leaders even in the face of Vatican pressure. It’s inspiring to seeĀ  heroes of the Catholic Church who live out Gospel values by caring for the sick and feeding the hungry affirm their vital mission.

Catholic sisters have no reason to apologize, cower in fear or backpedal. At a time when some Catholic bishops are busy fighting the Girl Scouts and comparing the Obama administration to the days of Hitler and Stalin, Catholic sisters embody what’s best about a global church where power politics are always in tension with example of Christ.


2 Responses to “Catholic Sisters’ Bold Response to Vatican Crackdown”

  1. Timothy Ray says:

    Faithful sisters are thinking deeply and conferring intensely to plan their defense within the content of an ecclesiastical body that provides no place for due process, transparency, or justice. The Vatican’s plan for a hostile takeover of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in reality leaves no room for compromise. I pray that the Women Religious will now become, more so than ever before, the Women Courageous who will withdraw from the organization to which the Vatican claims total ownership (LCWR) and found your own self-governing American Catholic Women Religious. If you seek theological wisdom from a truly expert source, contact Rev. Hans Kung, Professor Emeritus, Tubingen University, Tubingen, Germany. Vol. 2 of Dr. Kung’s memoirs shows his lifelong struggle to be both faithful to the Gospel and honest with all Christians everywhere, which had led to having been deprived, by Cardinal Ratzinger (now Benefict XVI) of the right to identify himself as a Catholic Theologian. The present Vatican will not reform itself. American nuns must bring in the American reformation, and Dr. Kung would be a great and respectful friend and couselor.

  2. Mr. C Birkington says:

    Faithful Sisters? Faithful to what?

    They took a vow of obedience, so they are unfaithful.
    The Nuns that are leading this group have promoted; gay marriage, abortion, gay couples being able to adopt children, contraception, women as Priests, and here is the kicker the LCWR doesn’t believe Jesus is the only way to Heaven.

    In their coming convention, one of their guest speakers is a non-believer New Ager and another speaker is a sister who’s writings have been condemned as non-Christian and antithetical to the Catholic faith.

    These Nuns have not only lost their way, but they may lose their salvation if they keep up their heretical attitude and actions.