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Catholic Leaders Rebuke Paul Ryan’s Faith Justification of His Budget

April 13, 2012, 12:32 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

Paul Ryan’s distortion of Catholic teaching in defense of his un-Christian budget this week didn’t just make waves in the media, it touched a nerve in prominent Catholics whose faith leads them to a much different conclusion about his policies.

In response, nearly 60 prominent theologians, priests, nuns and national Catholic social justice leaders released a statement today calling on Ryan to “reconsider his radical budget proposal and refrain from distorting Church teaching.”

The letter specifically references the ways Ryan’s budget clearly breaks with the principles and tests outlined by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops themselves:

In a letter to the House of Representatives last month, Catholic bishops wrote that “a just framework for future budgets cannot rely on disproportionate cuts in essential services to poor persons; it requires shared sacrifice by all, including raising adequate revenues, eliminating unnecessary military and other spending, and addressing the long-term costs of health insurance and retirement programs fairly.” Bishops also called for repealing “cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” and asked Congress to consider the “human and moral dimensions” of budget choices. Rep. Ryan has ignored this vision. Instead, he proposes to dismantle Medicare as we know it, slash food assistance for struggling families and turn Medicaid into inadequate state block grants at a time when most states are struggling to pay their bills. The dramatic growth in military spending is untouched. Addressing our national debt is essential, but balancing budgets on the backs of the poor and working families is flawed public policy and morally bankrupt.

Read the whole thing here.

3 Responses to “Catholic Leaders Rebuke Paul Ryan’s Faith Justification of His Budget”

  1. J Doyle says:

    How Ryan has the gall to call himself a Catholic is the height of hypocracy.
    He is an acknowledged follower of atheist Ayn Rand ‘s philosophy and he souind more like her all the time. Rand felt the upper classes had to keep the working stiffs under ther control and bondage.
    Sounds like Ryan

    • Elizabeth Sholes says:

      He is one who has thrown his lot in with Dominionists. He has elevated the rich to the status of the Elect, and he has disdained all social gospel tenets to keep this alliance with rich fundamentalists over loyalty to his own faith. He has put money and power before any other principle then justifies it with a phony theology made up precisely to give cover to predatory capitalists.

      And he does not care unless constituents and the general public MAKE him care. He cannot be shamed by the Bishops because he is Catholic in name only and has been assured if he is born again, he never needs to repent of anything because he IS part of the Elect. He’s not Catholic anymore. He thinks he’s God’s chosen.

  2. Carol Wright says:

    I’d love to see the names of the Bishops, nuns, and “Social Justice” leaders who signed the letter.. I suspect the same people who dissent from the Church on many issues. Paul Ryan is a voice of sanity in a city that has gone berserk. We cannot continue on the path we are on. WE DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY!! We are borrowing from China forty cents on every dollar we spend.

    I know the religious are not expected to be financial wizards but for God’s sake (literally) please have some common sense, Paul Ryan is a man of courage and faith. He is trying to save our country from going over the cliff, Pray for him that he will get some cooperation from Congress instead of questioning his sincerity. In a welfare state we all go down the tubes.

    (Awaiting moderation? What does that mean??)