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Faith questions loom large in CNN/Youtube debate

July 24, 2007, 10:48 am | Posted by Dan Nejfelt

At last night’s CNN/Youtube presidential debate, Youtube-savvy Americans from around the world took over asking the questions, and proved to be edgier and more straight-forward than your typical media host. Candidates responded to questions about Darfur from American relief workers on the ground, health care from a cancer patient, the Iraq war from the father of a fallen soldier. Faith was a hot topic, too. A North Carolina minister asked John Edwards about the morality of using religious justification for opposition to same sex marriage, and the debate closed with questions about religion’s place in public life.

See Edwards’ explanation, the NC pastor’s response, and Barack Obama’s thoughts on the issue:

See answers from Joe Biden, Barack Obama and John Edwards’ statements on the influence of faith on politics and politicians:

What do you think of how they answered the faith questions? What do you think of the faith questions CNN chose to air?


One Response to “Faith questions loom large in CNN/Youtube debate”

  1. Katie says:

    Given the widely-publicized polling that shows that Dems are generally not viewed as friendly to religion, I think it’s interesting that CNN chose to air a question asking if voters should worry about Dem candidates catering too much to religious voters. I wonder what factors weighed on CNN’s choice here… all the coverage of the Dems’ faith? The Sojo forums? The smattering of books by atheists that have come out lately? Has the narrative that this year’s Dem presidential candidates are comfortable talking about faith and reaching out to religious voters overtaken the narrative that Dems are not generally viewed as friendly towards religion?

    It will be interesting to compare the questions that CNN chooses for the Republicans. I wonder if they choose a question from a conservative evangelical rather than an atheist? What would that say about the narratives that CNN is choosing to promote about the candidates from each party?