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Bill O’Reilly: “We Have a Muslim Problem”

October 27, 2010, 3:05 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

In Bill O’Reilly’s appearance on Don Imus’s radio show yesterday morning, O’Reilly bemoaned having to say that “Muslim extremists attacked us on 9/11″ instead of just Muslims. When Imus stood up for the principle of being “clear and concise” with the words we use, O’Reilly pushed back.

O’REILLY: It isn’t extremists–that marginalizes the problem. This is a Muslim problem.

To his credit, Imus strongly disagreed with O’Reilly and pushed back on his accusations. Imus brought up his friendship with a Muslim family at his son’s school, pointing out that O’Reilly’s logic would unfairly implicate and slur them as somehow responsible for violence.

O’Reilly’s admission is a brazen display of bigotry. Most of the time when pundits complain about “politically correctness,” I assume they’re upset at being misinterpreted as biased because they dispense with hypersensitive euphemisms and “speak the plain truth.”

But here, O’Reilly states clearly that he’s not complaining about being inaccurately accused of bigotry–he’s offended that his actual, sincere bigotry isn’t accepted by everyone else.

Bill, when even a Fox News “shock jock” with a lengthy record of courting controversy is encouraging you to temper your rhetoric, maybe it’s time to reconsider.

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Watch the full video from Media Matters below:

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