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Archbishop Dolan’s ‘Clarification’ Leaves More Questions

May 25, 2011, 7:00 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

dolan1.jpgWhen Archbishop Dolan replied to Paul Ryan’s attempt to reconcile his budget plan with Catholic social teaching, the nuances of his letter left some in the media confused about whether or not the bishop had endorsed the plan.

Many of us were hopeful that Dolan would take the opportunity to clarify his remarks and reinforce the existing Catholic bishop concerns about Ryan’s budget expressed.

Writing on his blog today, Dolan referenced the confusion but failed to clear it up. Instead he simply reiterated broad Catholic principles and bemoaned the fact that Catholics find areas of agreement and disagreement with both sides of the American political spectrum.

This generic approach only raises more questions. Dolan wouldn’t have had to take political sides to clarify his initial letter. And neglecting to do so not only failed to clear the air, but gave more fuel for the Dolan critics who claim tacitly endorsing Ryan and his budget was Dolan’s plan all along.

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