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Anti-Muslim Bigotry for Kids

November 28, 2011, 1:01 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

ACT for America book.jpgThink the diversity of a religion with 1.6 billion global adherents is irreducibly complex? Believe that good policy-making requires broad attention to nuance and detail? Worry that teaching children to view their Muslim neighbors and classmates as complicit in a secret plot for global domination might set a bad precedent?

Well you’re probably not a member of ACT! for America, the radical anti-Islam group that has just released a new book they promise will make a perfect holiday gift for your conspiratorial-curious kids.

This illustrated book covers all the essential topics needed for a young person to gain an understanding of radical Islam–without being too long or too weighty. They’ll learn about everything from al Qaeda to Khomeini, from jihad to the Muslim Brotherhood, from sharia law to Wahhabism. The book even contains a timeline and an index.

What thirteen-year-old can resist a good index?

Ironically, given ACT! for America’s juvenile understanding of history, culture and socio-political dynamics and their portrayal of Muslims as some kind of cartoonish villains, an illustrated children’s book is probably the most appropriate medium for their dangerous myths.


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