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American Leaders Travel to Seoul to Call on Hyundai to Take a Stand Against Alabama Immigration Law

March 16, 2012, 12:50 pm | Posted by Kristin Ford

HyundaiToday, South Korean car company Hyundai is holding a shareholder meeting in Seoul, and prominent U.S. labor and civil-rights leaders will be there to voice their concerns about the company’s neutrality on Alabama’s anti-immigrant law HB-56.

According to Adam Luna of America’s Voicea spokesperson from Hyundai told CNN that “the company does not take a position on the immigration law one way or the other.”  America’s Voice, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, SEIU, and other American organizations are putting pressure on Hyundai and other automotive companies because of their significant presence in Alabama.

Here’s more info via The Birmingham News:

U.S. civil rights and labor leaders from several organizations are taking their concerns about Alabama’s immigration law to executives and investors of international auto industry companies in the state, starting with a Hyundai shareholder meeting today in Seoul South Korea.

… Civil rights and labor groups say it will be a compaign of progressive engagement. Representatives of the groups will address Hyundai’s shareholders today, along with those at Dailmer AG in April and Honda in June. Leaders of South Korea’s largest labor unions will co-host the event today in Seoul.

Automakers insist that the law doesn’t affect their companies, but a recent high-profile case indicates that this law is not only causing widespread profiling of Latino Alabamians but also impacting automakers’ employees from other parts of the world.  In the fall, a German manager with Mercedes-Benz in Alabama was arrested for not having proper immigration documentation (he only had his German driver’s license with him).

You can sign America’s Voice petition calling on Hyundai and Honda to “put the brakes on hate,” here.

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