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A Special “Blog Con” Round Up

June 27, 2006, 11:20 am | Posted by FPL

The Progressive Faith Blog Con looms less than three weeks away. To give you a sense of who will be there, all the bloggers listed below will be attending.

Of course, Velveteen Rabbi has been instrumental in organizing the conference. Here she addresses the practical reality of what interfaith worship and fellowship means when we actually get together.

Left coaster, Pearlbear, raises questions about the scare tactics of some liberal advocacy groups:

“The truth is always far more complicated and nuanced, but complicated and nuanced feels like it doesn’t lead to either action, or to contributions. But the continued process of ignoring complicated and nuanced realities leads to more divisivenss, and more fragmentation – and these are the things that are, ultimately, the enemies of social change.”

Even the Devils Believe confesses to being “angry and upset. . . over the Episcopal Church’s convention and the gathering of the PC-USA. It has been a very difficult time to read blogs (and I’ve been less behind than I expected, because I had a hard time setting limits). It is difficult to see people working well within the Christian tradition, including employing feminine names and imagery for God, tarred as heretics by people who don’t seem to understand the tradition outside a very narrow section of Scripture.”

Last week at the Faith in Public Life Blog, Dave Baron addressed church and state issues after attending a congressional hearing. Read it here. The Air America State of Belief blog also noticed the legislation and writes:

“. . .it’s clearly the intention of our Congressional leaders to make it impossible to legally challenge conflations of church and state. Next bill on the docket: if you successfully prosecute a Congressman for corruption, you get a hundred lashes.”

Blogging from the UUA General Assembly in St. Louis, MO, Philocrites points readers to a good Hallmark Channel TV program by Forrest Church called “The American Creed.”

CrossLeft hosts a blog that reflects on a recent post by Talk2Action. Pointing out that “Many of Us Don’t Know the Real Nature of the Beast,” he wonders: “Have we yet succeeded in framing a way to discuss their theocratic agenda so that the average American, that vital mainstream voter understands what drives our advocacy?”

And finally, Islamicate shares a paper presented at Harvard’s Islam and the West Conference. It is titled, “Moslems on the Internets.”


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  1. Rachel says:

    Thanks for this fine roundup, Alex! I’m so glad you’re blogging.