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Prayer and action in the Washington Post

July 26, 2011, 10:12 am | Posted by ecook

This Saturday’s Washington Post featured some nice coverage of the daily prayer vigil on Capitol Hill calling for a just and compassionate budget that we recently highlighted. Each day, a different group from the Washington Interreligious Staff Community has been leading a diverse gathering of faith leaders and laity on the front lawn of the United Methodist building, praying for our nation’s lawmakers and emphasizing the importance of a budget which reflects our morals and values. The Post’s Michelle Boorstein describes one of last week’s meetings:

Worshipers at a vigil Wednesday grasped BlackBerrys and buzzed with news that President Obama would meet that day with faith leaders pleading to avoid cuts in government programs for the poor and hungry. “Go forth in love to serve God and to work for a compassionate budget,” Shantha Ready Alonso, an advocate with the National Council of Churches, urged about 60 people huddled in the baking sun.

Such publicity is well-deserved victory for those organizing the vigil. Even more than their daily devotion, these staffers have been working diligently to raise the faith perspective in the halls of Congress throughout these debates.

The vigils continue each day this week at 12:30 at the United Methodist Building (100 Maryland Ave NE).

Update: Reuters also covered the vigil this week.

Photo Credit: United Methodist News Service

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