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A peaceful response to a hateful stunt

September 9, 2010, 1:41 pm | Posted by Dan Nejfelt

Terry Jones’s hateful plan to burn Qurans at his very small church in Gainesville, Florida, on September 11th has drawn international attention and condemnation by everyone from Pope Benedict to President Obama to Gen. Petraeus.

Now the media is noticing the local faith community’s response. Gainesville clergy have held numerous interfaith vigils; circulated a petition urging Jones to call off his plan to burn Qurans, which they will deliver to Jones tomorrow; and organized an evening of public service led by the Muslim community in Gainesville on September 11th.

Today CNN’s American Morning featured an interview with Pastor Larry Reimer of United Church of Gainesville, who has taken a leading role in lifting up the religious call for unity, peace and interfaith cooperation in response to Jones’s bigoted actions. Watch the interview:

Over the past few days I’ve spoken with Pastor Reimer numerous times about his efforts, and connected him with CNN producers in order to ensure that his important perspective gets the attention it deserves. He and his colleagues in Gainesville who are working to prevent an isolated extremist’s the publicity stunt from becoming an international incident represent an authentic face of faith in the public square.

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