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A God-less debate?

September 29, 2008, 11:16 am | Posted by adanielsen

Over at his Boston Globe blog, Articles of Faith, Michael Paulson notes that Friday night’s presidential debate at Ole Miss, which centered on the economy and foreign policy, “was completely free of talk about religion — a marked shift in language choice from the words used by both candidates during their acceptance speeches at their party political conventions,” despite the fact that issues with strong religious underpinnings such as Iran, Israel and terrorism.

Paulson’s observations come at a time when people of faith are increasingly expressing that the economy and the way our country handles its business overseas fall under the category of moral or “values” issues.

While the candidates certainly don’t have to invoke the name or language of any faith to recognize an issue’s gravity, it will be interesting to see how these topics are framed going forward. Will they dialogue with voters (and each other) about the inherent moral and spiritual ramifications of our nation’s actions, or will rhetoric be devoid of these dimensions?


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