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“The Francis Effect” Book Discussion with John Gehring – May 17, 2016

April 21, 2016, 1:44 pm | Posted by

You are invited to the following event:



Tuesday, May 17, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (CDT)

Old St. Patrick’s Church (Hughes Hall)
700 West Adams Street
Chicago, IL 60661

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Sign on to oppose the ‘electric chair’ bill in Virginia

April 8, 2016, 9:15 am | Posted by


To sign on to the full letter, click here.


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“Locked in Solidarity” against mass incarceration

February 11, 2016, 7:29 am | Posted by

Sample of media from this event:

Jobs for Life helping those harmed by too-punitive justice system

Vigil-goers take hard look at crime, 2nd chances

Faith leaders in Grand Rapids protest incarceration disparities


February 11, 2016

Contact: Michelle Warren, michelle@ccda.org720-472-0871

Faith leaders lock arms in solidarity against mass incarceration

Hundreds of faith leaders, churchgoers, and advocates across two dozen cities demand change on mass incarceration

A diverse and growing coalition of people of faith are standing united with advocates in more than two dozen cities nationwide to fight against the injustice of mass incarceration.

“The racial and socioeconomic disparities plaguing our criminal justice system demand that we take action,” said Rev. Noel Castellanos, President & CEO, Christian Community Development Association. “As an association of practitioners who live, work and worship in communities most impacted by mass incarceration, we must ensure that something is done. We won’t stay silent.  We need to find ways to reform the system that serves to restore and rehabilitate lives in a just and compassionate manner.”

This Thursday, the CCDA is hosting the third annual Locked in Solidarity event bringing together advocates across America to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, and their families and loved ones.

“We must look at the implications of our Christian voice in our country’s prison system. As people of grace, hope, restoration, and recovery, our stamp is not on the system we are explicitly called to influence as believers. We need to repent our lack of engagement,” said Leroy Barber, Chairman of the Board, CCDA. “We need to become active in restoring, releasing, and helping people return to society. Mass Incarceration must end and people of faith must be a part of the answer. This is at the heart of the Gospel which frees us and calls us to offer that freedom to others.”

Events include marches, prayer vigils, public forums, and even a basketball tournament. Spokespeople will be on hand at each event to speak to the press.

WHAT Prayer vigil and interview opportunities

WHO Faith leaders, churchgoers, activists, and public officials

WHEN Thursday, Feb. 11th

A partial list of events can be found below.

OAKLAND 7:00 PM – 2626 E 16th St ; web.dubois3@gmail.com

ELGIN 1750 GRANDSTAND PLACE, IL ; info@gji.org

WACO 5:30 PM — 1226 Washington Avenue ; brooke_peery@baylor.edu

DURHAM 6:00 PM — Nehemiah Christian Center, 514 N Mangum St, 27701 ; reynoldschapman@gmail.com

RALEIGH 6:30 PM — Edenton Street United Methodist Church, 228 West Edenton Street ; mwalker@jobsforlife.org

BOONE 7:00 PM — Boone United Methodist Church: 471 New Market Blvd. ; lukesedwards@gmail.com

CAMBRIDGE 12:00 PM — 15 Notre Dame Ave ; tory@reservoirchurch.org

CHICAGO 7:00 PM — 3225 W. Foster Ave. ; nilwona.nowlin@covchurch.org

CHICAGO 7:00 PM — The Firehouse Community Arts Center, 2111 S. Hamlin ; mwaickman@lclc.net

AKRON 6:00 PM — 1361 W Market St. ; joe@southstreetministries.org

CHARLESTON 11:00 AM — Two Rivers Community Center 1082 E. Montague Avenue ; jrringjr@gmail.com

GRAND RAPIDS ALL DAY — Oakdale Park CRC, 961 Temple St SE, Grand Rapids, MI ; carolrienstra@gmail.com

SAN FRANCISCO (happened Tuesday) 1129 Florida Street ; debgish@churchofthesojourners.org

MERIDEN 7:00 PM — 460 Broad St. CT ; csbushman@gmail.com

SEATTLE 7:00 AM — 1000 2nd Ave #2500 ; connect@puentesseattle.org

SOUTH BEND Adam.gustine@gmail.com

ST. LOUIS 7:00 PM — Temple of Deliverance, 215 Shepley, St. Louis, MO 63137 ; kriciacox@gmail.com

PASADENA 6:00 PM — Lake Avenue Church/393 N Lake Ave. ; clairew@lakeave.org

BRONX 6:30 PM — Lake Avenue Church/393 N Lake Ave. ; motthavenchurch350@verizon.net

KANSAS CITY 6:30 PM — 1708 Baltimore Ave ; marta.vrg@gmail.com

FRESNO Youth for Christ — 1501 Divisadero St, Fresno CA 93701 ; j.mast@keplerschool.org

BOWIE 7:00 PM — Bowie Church of Christ 2518 Kenhill Dr. ; mamelone93@gmail.com

OMAHA 2:00 PM — 2200 N 20th ST ; alyssa@hopecenterforkids.com

DENVER Agape Christian Church 2501 California Street, 802015 ; robert.woolfolk@yahoo.com

ATLANTA New Life Covenant Church 575 Travis Street NW ; trailblazing@comcast.net

ATLANTA Mercer University, 3001 Mercer University Drive ; walker-barnes_cj@mercer.edu

COLORADO SPRINGS 7:00 PM – cdou106770@msn.com

MIAMI Miami Friends Center

RIVERSIDE 8432 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92504 ; antonio_orona@yahoo.com



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Maryland Voting Rights Restored

February 10, 2016, 3:12 pm | Posted by

Victory in Maryland! The Maryland Senate voted on Tuesday to overturn Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto and restore voting rights to 44K re-entering citizens. Local faith-based mobilization played a critical role in this victory. Rev. Jennifer Butler, CEO of Faith in Public Life said: 

“I’m proud of the role played by hundreds of Maryland faith leaders in restoring voting rights to 40,000 returning citizens this week. Voting is not only a responsibility of full citizenship but a sacred right – one that, through strong moral leadership, I’m glad to say will no longer be denied to 40,000 Marylanders.”

To read more about this victory: Released felons gain right to vote in Maryland after veto override


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FPL Catholic Program Director Writes “The Francis Effect”

October 28, 2015, 5:07 pm | Posted by

FPL Catholic Program Director, John Gehring, has authored a new book, The Francis Effect. Check out the reviews and buy a copy

Francis Effect.final.indd

The Francis Effect

A Radical Pope’s Challenge to the American Catholic Church


The Francis Effect explores how a church once known as a towering force for social justice became known for a narrow agenda most closely aligned with one political party, and then looks at the opportunities for change in the “age of Francis.” Pope Francis has become an unlikely global star whose image has graced the covers of Rolling StoneThe New YorkerTime, and even the nation’s oldest magazine for gays and lesbians. The first Latin American pope, the first Jesuit, and the first to take the name of a beloved saint of the poor, Francis is shaking up a church that has been mired in scandal and demoralized by devastating headlines. His bracing critique of an out-of-touch hierarchy, pastoral style when it comes to divisive issues, and humble gestures rejecting the trappings of papal power have changed the conversation about the world’s most powerful religious institution. 

But in the United States, Pope Francis finds a church that has been transformed over the past three decades by a vocal minority of culture warrior bishops, conservative intellectuals, and Christian evangelicals. The first half of the book analyzes the key trends that shaped the Catholic Church over the past century, while the second half looks at the words and actions of Pope Francis, and what they mean for real change.

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